Tube shaft and micro instruments for minimally invasive surgery

Bema Medical - a competent manufacturer of endosurgical instruments.

Mechanical precision, flawless workmanship and ease of movement are the most prominent characteristics shared by all Bema products.

Bema realises customer ideas with dedication, know-how and expertise. Bema can draw on a modern and well-attuned production environment which is continually adapted to meet the requirements of the latest production technology. Bema supplies tube shaft instruments of every type, adheres strictly to delivery dates and is reliable and discreet at all times.

A high vertical manufacturing range is your guarantee of consistent quality control from the planning phase to final assembly and including part production.

We have developed the modular Bema tube shaft system which, thanks to high-quality plastic handles and in combination with a variety of tube shafts and working inserts, offers clear ergonomic advantages for the user. This reflects both our creativity and efficiency.

Bema instruments prove their reliability each day on every continent and are valued for their high functional quality. You can also avail of our know-how. Why not contact us. We will be delighted to assist you as a competent supplier in the OEM sector.

Take advantage of our expertise and experience where medical engineering products are involved and technology and craftsmanship are called for. Certified quality for a sophisticated market.

Bema - if it’s quality that you expect !

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