Tube shaft and micro instruments for minimally invasive surgery

New from Bema - November 2015

Needle holder brochure

Bema medical presents its popular and versatile needle holder system in this 8-page publication. It includes both modular and integrated needle holders with a Ø 5 and 3 mm tube shaft.

It also goes without saying that our modular needle holders are compatible with the complete BEMA modular laparoscopy system.

New from Bema - February 2012

Angled axial handles

A new addition to our product range is an angled axial handle. In addition to its modular design, perfectly adapted to suit our range of laparoscopy instruments (which can be dismantled), this handle is also available in conjunction with four needle holder working parts as a complete instrument.

New from Bema - July 2011

Bema new Premises

20 years BEMA MEDICAL. A period of time which has made our name in the surgical industry. A success story that is also impressively expressed in our new, modern company premises. Architecture that simultaneously captures our unconventional approach. Flooded with light, spacious, inspirational. Rooms that promote a mutually communicative environment. Bema Medical intends to exploit proven and well-established know-how and practices in future wherever practical, while also remaining open to interesting ideas which advance both our enterprise and surgery as a whole.

New from Bema - October 2010

Bema catalogue

Download the complete catalogue onto your PC and take a comprehensive look at our product range. The laparoscopy, arthroscopy and sinuscopy product series are combined in a single document.

Please visit our contact form if you wish to order a printed version and/or request access data for downloading a PDF.

Have you received your access data and wish to download the catalogue? Then please visit our download service here.

New from Bema - September 2010

Modular tube shafts now available with LUER lock connector

Now Bema provide a LUER lock connector for Ø 5 and 10 mm tube shafts.

New from Bema - June 2005

Cholangiography Fixation Clamp

The cholangiography fixation clamp is utilised to prepare bile for ultrasonic lithotripsy.

With a channel for 6 Charrier catheters, ratchet handle, Ø 5 mm, working length 330 mm