Tube shaft and micro instruments for minimally invasive surgery

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* We have developed our own modular tube shaft system for use with modular laparoscopy instruments. The results are individual components with a long service life and a high degree of user comfort and precision during assembly and dismantling.

Bema products

3-part modular laparoscopy instruments,
shaft Ø 5 and 10 mm*

With over 80 working inserts, 3 tube shaft lengths with and without a LUER Lock irrigation adapter and 14 compatible plastic handles, the user can exploit numerous combination options.

approx. 70 working inserts for the Ø 5mm shaft, approx. 10 working inserts for the Ø 10mm shaft

Bema products modular 3 parts
Bema products

2-part modular laparoscopy instruments,
shaft Ø 3 mm*

Modular laparoscopy instruments with a Ø 3 mm shaft are used primarily in paediatrics. In contrast to the 3-part instruments illustrated above, the working component and shaft form a single entity in this case. For this reason, the shaft is fitted in all cases with a LUER Lock irrigation adapter. BEMA supplies 3 standard shaft lengths, 180 / 210 / 330 mm. The same handles employed with the 3-part system can be utilised.

Bema products modular 2 parts
Bema Produkte

Connectivity of the modular Bema tube shaft system -
all tubes fit all handles

Whether 2-part with Ø 3 mm or 3-part with Ø 5 or 10 mm shafts, the connecting system is identical and permits use of the same handles. The Bema modular laparoscopy range therefore ensures maximum compatibility!

all tubes fit all handles
Bema products

Arthroscopy and sinuscopy instruments

Punches, scissors, curettes and grasping forceps - BEMA also provides a product program for athroscopy and sinuscopy with a variety of jaw designs. The instruments can be ordered with different vertical and horizontal shaft angles.

Arthroscopy and Sinuscopy

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